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We offer economical and highly efficient industrial compressors with different performance levels and equipment. From small & compact up to maximum performance. Whether mobile, oil-injected or oil-free, we have the suitable compressor for trade and industry.

Screw Compressors

If you require constant and large quantities of compressed air over a long period of time, screw compressors or also called rotary screw compressors are your first choice for supplying compressed air to production processes in industry, trade and commerce. By progressive rotation of the spindle-shaped, intermeshing rotors, the incoming air is continuously compressed. The screw compressor thus belongs to the group of rotary or displacement compressors. Oil is often used in conventional compressors for lubrication and sealing, whereas in industries (e.g. food, pharmaceutical, medical, electrical engineering, etc.) where compressed air comes into contact with end products, the use of oil-free compressors is necessary. Among other things, screw compressors are characterised by the fact that they are very quiet in operation and are suitable for continuous operation.

Piston Compressors

If the compressed air demand fluctuates strongly with load peaks, piston compressors are an optimal solution, especially for craft enterprises, workshops and small industry. The piston compressor, with which a pressure of up to 400 bar can be achieved, belongs to the group of reciprocating pistons and operates according to the displacement principle. The air volume is reduced and expelled again in a single, two or more stage compression process with the aid of the piston(s). Unlike the screw compressor, the piston compressor compresses air cyclically. Available in oil-injected or oil-free versions, the piston compressor is ideally suited for low or occasional compressed air requirements.

We are pleased to support you in selecting the most energy efficient, reliable and cost-effective compressor solution.

Oil-Injected Screw Compressors:

Model: Smart – The Price Optimized

Oil injected screw compressors 4 – 18,5 kW. The range of Smart compressors is the customer friendly answer for a simple but efficient supply of compressed air with the highest quality. Easy to install, extremely silent, customer friendly maintenance and with a small footprint for easy installation where space is limited.

water-injected air compressor

Model: TD-Units – The “All in One” Solution

(Compressors on receiver with dryer)

Oil injected screw compressors with drayer on receiver 4 – 18,5 kW. The  TD compressors are the ideal “all in one” solution for our customers who are looking for a turnkey solution. No piping required, all ready for commissioning, only connect to electricity and compressed air net and you can start operation…

scroll compressor

Model: Focus – The Economical

Oil injected screw compressors with direct drive 22 – 75 kW. The range of Focus compressors is designed for energy saving. So our customers can save energy and costs and do something good for the environment by saving our energy resources.

scroll compressor

Model: Flexi – The Professional for Energy Saving

Oil injected screw compressors with variable speed drive 11 – 75 kW. The  compressors in the Flexi range are first class in energy saving. They save up to 35% of energy costs compared with a standard compressor.

scroll compressor

Model: Strong – The Powerful

Oil injected screw compressors wit variable speed drive and permanent magnet motor. The Strong compressors are the champions among the energy efficient compressors. By using highly efficient Permanent Magnet motors compressors can save an additional 10% of energy compared with a frequency controlled compressor with an asynchrony motor.

scroll compressor

Model: Strong 2S – The King of Energy Saving

Oil injected 2-stage screw compressors with variable speed drive and permanen magnet motor 22 – 150 kW. By using a two-stage compression process the air is compressed in two steps from environmental pressure to final pressure. Between the two stages the air is cooled down. In this way the compression process needs considerably less energy than with the one stage compression process.

scroll compressor

Model: Storm – Small installation area

The compressors of the “Storm” series (7 – 37 kW) combine high efficiency with a small installation area. Particular attention was paid to good accessibility for service and maintenance work.

At a glance “Storm” series:

  • Frequency controlled / intelligent control
  • Permanent magnet motor / High efficiency
  • Direct transmission, without belts, therefore high operational reliability
  • High running smoothness
  • Low maintenance
  • Small installation area
  • Extremely quiet: only 62 dbA
scroll compressor

Oil Free Compressors:

Model: Scrolli – The Champion for 100% Oil Free Air

Oil free scroll compressors 3,7-37 kW. The  range of Scroll compressors will deliver 100% oil free air. By using a module design you can choose exactly the size of compressor that you require. The “Multilevel” software makes sure that the compressor continues to run in the optimum operation mode. And when one module shows a failure the software switches automatically to another module, so you always get the air that is needed.

scroll compressor

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We are happy to assist you:

  • - Planning, project planning and installation of compressed air systems
  • - Loaner for testing
  • - Custom-made products for your special requirements
  • - Technical security consulting and requirements recording
  • System of heat recovery – protect the environment and save money!

Usable heat is a byproduct of oil-injected screw compressors applications. With a system of heat recovery you can regain up to 85% of the energy used as hot air, industrial water or heating water. The heat recovery is accomplished either through an integrated plate heat exchanger or with an external heat exchanger box in compliance with the compressor.
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Also available:

  • refrigeration dryer to treat the compressed air
  • air receiver/air tank from 90 to 10,000 litres
  • electronic controls
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detector – locate costly leaks in your compressed air system!
  • Suitable maintenance units and filters

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