Nano Super Air Nozzle

Nano Super Air Nozzle For Precision Blowoff

Nano Super Air Nozzle For Precision Blowoff EXAIR’s new Nano Super Air Nozzle™ has been engineered to produce the highest performance attainable from a tiny nozzle. It delivers precision blowoff with a directed, high volume, high velocity airflow.[…]
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360° Static Discharge and Cleaning For Moving Surfaces

SUPER ION AIR WIPE EXAIR’s new Super Ion Air Wipe provides a uniform 360° ionized airstream that clamps around a continuously moving part to eliminate static electricity and contaminants. It is ideal for removing dust, particulates and shocks on pipe, cable, extruded shapes, hose, wire and more.
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Vacuum Generators For Lifting, Clamping and Placement

E-VAC EXAIR’s new E-Vac™ is a series of low cost, compressed air powered vacuum generators for “pick and place”, clamping, lifting, chucking, and surface mounting applications. These vacuum pumps are available in a variety of sizes and flows along with a selection of vacuum cups suitable for a wide range of applications. […]
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