Air Gun with Scraping Ability Removes Stubborn Debris

EPUTEC´s Soft Grip Super Air Scraper is a safety air gun designed to help remove the most stubborn debris found within industrial facilities.


What is the Soft Grip Super Air Scraper?

The patent pending design uses a scraping blade to assist the powerful compressed air flow removal of debris. This product is perfect for removal of caulk, gaskets, sealant, adhesives, tape, paint, stickers, labels, grease, lubricant and difficult to sweep metal chips, flakes or discs. It will help keep your machining tables, sub plate and assembly stations clean and functional.

The corrosion resistant steel scraper is attached to a 2″ Flat Super Air Nozzle and a 3/4″ extension provide the strength and durability necessary for many of your toughest cleaning and housekeeping challenges. Extensions for the Soft Grip Super Air Scraper are available from 6″-72″ long to aid in cleaning table tops, inside machines, reaching the floor or other remote surfaces. Chip shields are also available.

Model Air Consumption Force Sound Level
1144 22 622 22 624 77

Modell 1244 Soft Grip Super Air Scraper

Modell Beschreibung
xxxx Soft Grip Safety Air Gun BP1200 (Modell 1230)
1144 Super Air Scraper replacement nozzle
902007 Replacement scraper blade only
901223 Chip Shield for 3/4″ extension
1132SS 2″ Flat Super Air Nozzle Shim Set