The easy way to monitor pressure inside your pipe and compressed air consumption in SCFM or m³/h. Identify costly leaks or inefficient air products!

Exair’s Pressure sensing digital flowmeter has a data logging capability. It shows you the exact amount of pressure in your pipe as well as the compressed air being used.

The Pressure sensing digital flowmeter can be mounted permanently or temporarily to compressed air pipes of any material. Available for measuring pressure and air flow in 2“ – 8“ Schedule 40 Iron pipe, in 50 – 101 mm Aluminium pipe and for 2″ – 4″ Copper pipe.

The user is required to drill two small holes through the pipe, where the flow sensing probes are inserted. No cutting, welding, adjustments or calibration needed. If the unit needs to be removed, block-off rings are available.

Digitaler Durchflussmesser mit Druckmessung

How does the pressure sensing digital flowmeter work

A pressure sensor is mounted between the two flow-sensing probes. It accesses pipe pressure through a cutout in the gasket that seals the ring to the pipe. The pressure signal is provided as a second milliamp output. With this option, both milliamp outputs are non-isolated; they source current to be returned tot he meters DC-connection.

The display can be configured to show the pressure signal. The pressure signal is also available through the optional wired and wireless outputs. The pulse output is replaced with a transistor output configured as a low-pressure alarm when the pressure drops below 50 PSIG.