Here you will find high-quality sewer and pipe cleaning nozzles made of stainless steel for numerous areas of application and degrees of pollution. We would be happy to advise you which cleaning nozzles are particularly suitable for your applications.


Egg-shaped pipe cleaning nozzle 3D, 1/2″, VA steel

Cleaning nozzle in egg shape for all-round cleaning of sewers. Curved with optimal gliding properties. Jet angle 20°. The long-life egg-shaped nozzle has maximum traction and the best cleaning properties due to the 3D water guidance system. Made of stainless steel.

Egg-shaped pipe cleaning nozzle 3D, 1/2″: Technical Details

Front jet nozzle 3D, 1/2″, VA steel

Egg-shaped pipe cleaning nozzle with additional front jets to dissolve pipe blockages. Very good gliding properties and bendability. With 3D water guidance system for optimised cleaning results and high traction. The durable front jet nozzle is made entirely of stainless steel. Jet angle in the push section 20°. Front jets 15°. Centric l x 0°.

Front jet nozzle 3D, 1/2″: Technical Details

Quattro nozzle (poke nozzle), VA steel, 1/2″

The Quattro nozzle is a universal nozzle for cleaning sewers. It is made of stainless steel in a triangular shape. Supported by 4 forward directed water jets, the front jets penetrate almost any blockage. The sharp edges of the nozzle cut and tear. The Quattro cleaning nozzle also achieves optimum results when flushing iced-up pipes or pipe grouting. The Quattro is also known as the Three Edge Nozzle, Poke Nozzle or Blockage Nozzle. Made entirely of stainless steel.

Quattro nozzle (poke nozzle), 1/2″: Technical Details

Standard nozzle, 1/2″, VA steel

Cleaning nozzle with drilled nozzle holes for flushing smaller pipes in a compact design. Removes light blockages. Good bendability and low weight. Jet angle 20°. Made of stainless steel and maintenance-free.

Standard nozzle, 1/2″: Technical Details

Hand sprayers (full jet nozzle), 1/2″

Hand sprayers for spraying out shafts as a full jet, with 1/2″ thread.

Super-pull nozzle-12, 1/2″, VA steel

The super pulling nozzle is a highly efficient cleaning nozzle with high pulling power. 12 nozzle inserts arranged at an angle of 15° provide good traction and best cleaning properties.

Super-pull nozzle-12, 1/2″: Technical Details

High-pressure turbo turbine cutter (chain cutter), 1/2″, VA steel

High-performance turbine cutter for removing roots and lime-like deposits. Extremely powerful. Quick skid change system. With 3D water guidance system and high-performance ball bearing. 100% recyclable water. Supplied as a case set in a hard case with chain sets (100/125/150 mm), blade chains (100/125/150 mm), guide carriage (100/125/150 mm) and assembly tool.

High-pressure turbo turbine cutter (chain cutter), 1/2″: Technical Details

Pipe Wolf turbine cutter 3D, 1/2″, VA steel

Powerful turbine cutter for pipe cleaning with hardened milling step head and cutting edges. Suitable for quickly breaking up heavy fouling, total blockages and total rooting, so that the accumulated water can flow off quickly. With 3D water guidance system for even more power. 100% recyclable water. Stainless steel nozzle.

Pipe Wolf turbine cutter 3D, 1/2″: Technical Details

Universal pipe cleaning nozzle, 1/2″, VA steel

Pipe cleaning nozzle for blocked or frozen pipes. With 3D water guidance system and 2 jet angles of 15°/25°. Highest cleaning performance with very good traction properties. Optimal for the cyclic cleaning of small to medium-sized sewers. The nozzle is maintenance-free thanks to stainless steel.

Universal pipe cleaning nozzle, 1/2″: Technical Details

Front-jet rotary nozzle, 1/2″, VA steel

Front-rotating nozzle for cleaning greasy pipes and ducts. With 3 rotating pre-jets and a centric pre-jet for transporting mud or sand to the front. Additional radial nozzles assist in loosening the material. Thrust nozzles provide propulsion and transport the loosened material out of the pipe. Maintenance-free nozzle made of stainless steel, with high traction and good sliding properties. Forward cleaning possible.

Front-jet rotary nozzle, 1/2″: Technical Details

Rotor nozzle (rotating nozzle), 1/2″, VA steel

Rotating nozzle for radial all-round cleaning. Suitable for removing grease and light deposits. Rotor jet angle 90°/75°/60°. Thrust 25°.

Rotor nozzle (rotating nozzle), 1/2″: Technical Details

Push nozzle, 1/2″, VA steel

Push nozzle without back jet with nozzle inserts M 6. For loosening house blockages or forward transport of loosened material. ½-inch nozzle with nozzle inserts 6 x 15° + l x centric. Stainless steel nozzle.

Push nozzle, 1/2″: Technical Details

Schachtdeckelhaken 80 cm

Manhole cover hook 80 cm

Manhole cover hook in 14 x 800 mm (diameter x length) hand-forged from high-quality stainless steel.

Umlenkrollengerät für DN 13/19

Guide roller unit for DN 13/19

Hose guide rollers to protect and guide the high-pressure hose. Supplied with 2 plastic rollers (58 mm) as standard. Application range from 100 mm.