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Professional Compressed Air Solutions

Our compressed air technology is designed to meet your needs. Please contact us for advice! We offer a range of highly efficient compressed air nozzles, compressors, filters, industrial tools, and more.

Air Nozzles - Air Jets

Air Nozzles

Economical, efficient and safe blowing/drying of workpieces & components
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Air Knives: Precision-made air nozzles

Air Knives: Precision-Made Air Nozzles

Efficient blowing, cleaning, drying & cooling of components
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Vortex Tubes: Efficient Cooling

Vortex Tubes: Efficient Cooling

Generate cold air with a temperature difference of up to -46 °C
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Air Wipes: 360° laminar airflow

Air Wipes: 360° Laminar Airflow

Economical, quiet & efficient in blowing off components
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