About us – Eputec Drucklufttechnik

Since 2003 EPUTEC Drucklufttechnik GmbH is an innovative company distributing modern solutions in compressed air technology from Bavaria. Besides, our high motivated employees and the satisfaction of our customers determine our action. As a medium-size enterprise we are the exclusive distribution partner of the American manufacturer Exair Corporation for the region Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In the range of compressed air technology we have achieved great experience regarding vortex tube technology for cooling systems as well as for highly efficient nozzles, conveying equipment, tools for cleaning, blowing and vacuum applications.

Based on our corporate statement:

“We offer solutions!”

Our guiding principles (in German) in our company name

E stands for engagement in work for our customers and our company.
P means product-oriented approaches are our impulse engine.
U like (“umweltbewusst”) environmentally friendly way for economic success.
T stands for team-oriented and fairly handling with each other.
E for easy and lean structures to achieve high flexibility.
C means clever and innovative products.

Our objective

The priority company aim is the long-term protection of economic success in responsibility towards our customers and our employees. We are focused on meeting the customers´expectation according to our corporate statement “We offer solutions!” We offer them a certain added value.

Our corporate statement/motto

“We offer solutions” is not only our motto, but daily consultations supports in partnership with our customers. We are only satisfied when our customer is too. Therefore the personal contact with our customer comes first.

Our scope

We support a global customer base in a wide variety of sectors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, e.g.

  • automotive industry
  • car manufacturer
  • automation engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • measurement technology
  • printing industry
  • wood industry
  • plastic industry
  • packaging industry
  • food industry
  • chemical industry
  • engineering
  • medical technology

Eputec Drucklufttechnik GmbH – We offer solutions!

You are welcome to an extremely motivated team supporting you in finding the proper solution for your specific application.