About us – EPUTEC Drucklufttechnik GmbH

Compressed air is used intensively in all areas of industry and trade. The possible applications are manifold and comprehensive. Reliability means availability. Compressed air is just as important for production as electricity, water and gas. Operation stops when the compressed air fails. Reliable, powerful, future-oriented and precisely matched to your individual requirements – this is what the perfect compressed air solution looks like.

EPUTEC Drucklufttechnik GmbH offers professional compressed air solutions for cooling, cleaning, drying, blowing off, suctioning, spraying, atomizing, sealing/testing and ionizing/discharging. In addition, EPUTEC is your competent partner for modern compressor technology and compressed air driven industrial tools. For your production we supply you with retrofittable safety guards for drilling, turning and milling machines and industrial lights from leading manufacturers.

Since 2003, our innovative, mostly maintenance-free, easy-to-install and versatile products have been supporting a large customer base in a variety of industries including.

Together with you we ensure:

  • Compressed air optimization
  • Process improvement
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Maximum safety at the workplace

>> At a glance: All about EPUTEC compressed air technology

How we can support you:

  • Blow off/drying
    • Air Nozzles
    • Safety Air Guns
    • Air Amplifiers
    • Air Knives
    • Air Wipes
  • Cooling
    • Cold Guns
    • Air Amplifiers
    • Cabinet Coolers
    • Vortex Tubes and Spot Cooling
  • Suction/Cleaning/Conveying
    • Industrial Housekeeping
    • Air Amplifiers
    • Vacuum Generators
    • Air Operated Conveyors
  • Ionisation/Static discharge
    • Static Eliminators
  • Process Monitoring
    • Camera Housing
    • S3 Rotating viewing screen
    • W-LAN-Camera Vision
    • 4K-Camera + Control Processor
  • Pneumatic Drive Systems
    • Pneumatic Chain Hoist
    • Pneumatic Tools
  • Sealing/Testing
    • Pipe Plugs/Pipe Stoppers
  • Spraying/Sputtering
    • Paint spraying technology/paint spray guns
    • Atomizing Nozzels
  • Industrial Safety Engineering
    • Machine Safety Guards
    • Machine Lights
    • Industrial marking solutions
    • Optimization devices/compressed air optimization
  • Pneumatic Accessories
    • Filter-Technology
    • Silencing Mufflers
    • Hoses & Accessories
    • Fittings & Connectors
  • Compressor-Technology
    • Piston compressors
    • Screw compressors
    • Oil-free compressors
  • Technical support & service
    • Planning, project planning and installation of compressed air systems
    • Loaner for testing
    • Custom-made products for your special requirements
    • Technical security consulting and requirements recording

Our experts know your specific requirements & challenges and
will be happy to advise you on an individually suitable solution.