Vent, exhaust, cool, dry, clean – with no moving parts!
Air Amplifiers (Venturi nozzles) are a simple, low cost way to move air, smoke, fumes, and light materials.

Airflow amplifiers, often referred to as venturi nozzles, are very efficient and increase the amplification ratio many times over. Due to the large air entrainment effect, very high air velocities as well as a high blowing force are achieved.

Venturi nozzles can be used to cool, dry, and clean hot parts. They are also suitable to ventilate small and medium sized areas.

Our air amplifiers have a patented design that uses a special spacer foil (shim) to firmly set the air gap. In addition, our adjustable air amplifiers provide additional adjustable spacing for the air gap. The symmetrical exit airflow minimizes shear wind, so the resulting noise level is typically three times quieter than other air amplifiers.