High quality sewage and sewer technology products

Sealing bags and shut-off bladders are used for the reliable sealing and testing of pipelines, channels and drainage inlets. They are used in various industries, e.g. in road construction and civil engineering, sewer rehabilitation, industry, in water management companies as well as in fire or rescue operations. Our sealing bags made of high-quality rubber material with a fabric insert are tested at 1.3 times the operating pressure during manufacture. They are weather and temperature resistant from -30 ° C to 80 ° C, useful and wastewater resistant and partly also chemical resistant.

We differentiate our sealing bag products into pipe sealing bags, which are suitable for sealing, and test pipe sealing bags, which are also suitable for leak tests on newly laid or renovated pipes and sewers in accordance with DIN EN 1610. Depending on the design, our sealing cushions are therefore also suitable for non-round profiles such as egg profiles, kite profiles, mouth profiles or kidney profiles.

In addition to pure shut-off bladders for a wide variety of sealing and testing work, EPUTEC also offers shut-off bladders with a bypass, as well as pure lifting bags and complete house connection test systems. An extensive range of pipe plugs and shut-off discs completes our range for sewage and sewer technology products.

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