Pipe sealing cushions and shut-off plugs

For shut-off of sewers, pipelines and drainage inlets. Sewers can be temporarily sealed with pipe stoppers to inspect, renovate or clean sewers and manholes.

Pipe cushions and shut-off plugs also play an important role in emergency situations, for example when contaminated wastewater or rainwater must be prevented from flowing on after accidents in order to prevent environmental damage.

Pipe stoppers are also used for leak tests according to DIN EN 1610. Here, a section of sewer is tested for leaks with air or water. EPUTEC offers not only sealing cushions suitable for shutting off, but also special test pipe sealing cushions suitable for leak testing of renovated and newly laid sewers and pipelines.

Our sealing cushions & shut-off plugs are made of expandable material (except for the conical pipe sealing cushions) and can be filled with liquid or air.


Standard Pipe sealing cushions

Model U

Pipe sealing pads for the fast and reliable shut-off and sealing of channels and pipelines with water or air. Our weather and temperature resistant standard pipe stoppers are available in diameters from 50 – 1600 mm.


Standard pipe sealing cushions

Model OELU oil resistant

Standard pipe sealing bags for quick and reliable sealing and shutting off of channels, pipelines and drainage inlets. The OELU oil-resistant pipe sealing bag is available in 11 standard versions with a diameter of 40 mm to 1200 mm.

Rohrdichtkissen Typ Tapasan

Shut-off bladders Eputec

Shut-off bladders for the temporary closing of pipelines. Very robust pipe plug series in various sizes, made of SBR + NR mixed rubber, nylon and Kevlar cord. Temperature range between -30 ° C and + 70 ° C. Tested at 1.3 times the working pressure. Various models for pipe diameters from 35 – 2200 mm are available from us.

Kurze Rohrdichtkissen

Short Pipe sealing cushions

Model UK

Short sealing cushions are particularly suitable where space is limited, for the sealing of pipes and leak tests according to DIN EN 1610. 50 – 300 mm diameters are available.

Kurze Rohrdichtkissen

Short Pipe sealing cushions

Model OELU-K oil resistant

Ideal sealing cushion for use in confined spaces. The short pipe sealing bag OELU-K is the first choice, particularly for inlets with short sockets or in angled separation systems. The short, oil-resistant pipe sealing bags OELU-K are available in versions with a diameter of 50 mm to 400 mm.

Kurze Rohrdichtkissen Typ Tapasan

Mini Pipe plugs Eputec

Short pipe plugs for the temporary closing of short pipe lengths. Pipe plug series in various sizes, made of SBR + NR blended rubber and solid cover. Temperature range between -30 ° C and + 70 ° C. Tested at 1.3 times the working pressure. Various sizes for pipe diameters from 50 – 400 mm are available from us.


Passage cushions

Model PU-G

Passage cushions are shut-off plugs with passage (bypass) and are particularly suitable for high flow rates. They consist of a steel core with replaceable rubber jacket. Available are passage cushions with a diameter of 100 – 1200 mm.


High pressure sealing cushions

Model UU

High-pressure sealing cushions are ideal for applications with high back pressure in the pipeline, as they have a Kevlar fabric insert. Available are diameters from 50 – 600 mm.

Halbrundes Dichtkissen

Semicircular sealing cushion

Model UR

Semicircular sealing pad for sealing house connections and pipes, available in diameters of 50 – 200 mm. Can be inflated with hand or foot air pump.

Konus Rohrdichtkissen

Conical dense cushions

Model ULK

Due to their low weight and foldability, Cone Seal Cushions can be used flexibly in almost all pipe profiles, such as egg-shaped profiles, open U-profiles, kidney-shaped profiles, Linzer profiles, kite profiles, mouth profiles, circular and square profiles. Available are diameters from 150 – 2200 mm.

Eiprofil Rohrdichtkissen

Oval profile pipe sealing cushion

Model UV/UVP

Oval profile sealing pillows were developed for testing and sealing of egg-shaped channels. Available in different egg sections from 300 – 1350 mm.