Durable, reliable and easy to maintain: our air compressors are made for use in industrial and craft businesses. This applies to the robust side and piston compressors as well as to our screw and scroll compressors, which are also characterised by energy efficiency and low noise development.

For demanding users, we can recommend oil-free or speed-controlled types. For extra fast commissioning, we also offer plug and play solutions including tank and dryer.
By choosing RENNER and SCC Air Compressors, we rely on German quality brands with a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories. We will provide you with the appropriate service in an uncomplicated manner. We look forward to your enquiry!

We are there for you: on the phone, by e-mail and on site!

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Daniel Amacher (Schweiz)

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Bernd Dexl

Bernd Dexl

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We are happy to assist you:
- Planning, project planning and installation of compressed air systems
- Loaner for testing
- Custom-made products for your special requirements
- Technical security consulting and requirements recording