Please let us know your currently used conditions for compressed air treatment. You will then receive an individual product advice from us for your optimal compressed air treatment.

    1. Which compressed air class according to DIN ISO 8573-1 do you currently have?
    2. Would you like to achieve a higher compressed air class? If so, what are your requirements?
    3. What specific requirements do you have in this use case in terms of the pressure (in bar) and the flow rate/volume flow? (Compressed air quality, see 1)
    4. What is the inlet temperature of the compressed air, or what is the pressure dewpoint?
    5. What degree of purity do you intend to achieve?
    6. For what (end) device do you need a compressed air maintenance unit?
    Products/Application options:

    1. Nozzles for general purging (chips, water, oil and cooling lubricant)
    2. Nozzles for purging and discharging (special plastic films, extruded products and various other surfaces)
    3. Cooling nozzles/TYPE vortex eddy tubes incl. tubes for refrigerator cooling units (the compressed air dewpoint must be considered here)
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    Note: We store this detailed information to support the best possible consultation and to be able to find a solution which perfectly suits your individual use case.

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    We are happy to assist you:

    • - Planning, project planning and installation of compressed air systems
    • - Loaner for testing
    • - Custom-made products for your special requirements
    • - Technical security consulting and requirements recording