Reliable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and service-friendly filtering of compressed air and gases with KSI ECOCLEAN® compressed air filters.

Modern production methods place ever higher demands on compressed air quality. The compressor draws in ambient air, which is heavily enriched with pollutants, and compresses it. Depending on the compressor type, the air also contains oil, which is transported with the compressed air in fine aerosol form, as well as impurities from the compressed air network such as rust, scale and lime deposits. The task of a compressed air filter is to remove these impurities and thus prevent damage to downstream equipment. In addition, any condensate produced must be drained from the compressed air network.

The ECOCLEAN® approach of KSI

As an experienced manufacturer in the field of compressed air and condensate technology, KSI developed its compressed air filter based on the most important market requirements. For the majority of operators of compressed air systems, there are two absolute knock-out criteria when deciding on a compressed air filter: Firstly, absolute operational reliability to prevent compressed air supply failures in the production process. Secondly, it must be possible to achieve this operational reliability economically. With the ECOCLEAN® compressed air filter, KSI now presents a product that combines these seemingly exclusive properties.

The KSI ECOCLEAN® advantages:

  • up to 55 % less differential pressure
  • NEW: high-density deep bed pleating, thereby significantly reducing the loss of compressed air
  • Highly efficient polyester drainage layer to improve performance and reduce differential pressure
  • cathodic dip painting (KTL) of the housing
  • Housing production in aluminium die-casting process
  • element optimized in length and diameter
  • coloured end caps matching the separation efficiency
  • Connections: ¼” to 3″
  • Output levels 35 m³/h – 1900 m3/h
  • protects production & processes => extended machine & system service life
  • minimizes operating costs => saves energy
  • maximizes operational safety => protection against production or machine failure
  • best industrial equipment quality => long life
  • High service friendliness => minimized service costs
  • quick and safe installation => quick commissioning

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