Stationary compressor series for medium to high compressed air requirements in the industrial sector. Equipped with horizontal compressed air receiver (300 / 500 liters). Robust, powerful piston compressor with belt drive and efficient cooling air system.

The powerful RIK series covers a wide power range of 5.5 – 11 kW with 6 models. The piston compressors are equipped as standard with check valve, safety valve, motor protection switch, pressure gauge, solenoid valve with silencer, ball valve for tank drainage, vibration damper, pressure switch and star delta circuit.

Advantages of the Renner-Rik series:

  • fully automatic control via pressure switch with motor protection switch and relief valve or from 5.5 kW with solenoid relief valve and star-delta switch
  • long-lasting and low-wear due to robust design and low speeds
  • easy to maintain and low-noise
  • tank manufactured according to AD2000 guidelines
  • an efficient cooling air system with intercooler and aftercooler ensures a low inlet temperature of the compressed air into the air receiver
  • ready-to-connect delivery incl. cable and power plug, adjusted pressure switch and ready-to-use mounted safety valve
RENNER RIK Kolbenkompressoren

Renner RIK power ranges:

Nominal power: 5.5 – 11.0 kW

Delivery rates: 700 – 1480 l/min

Operating pressure: 10 + 15 bar

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