Airflow amplifiers, or Venturi nozzles, offer a simple and inexpensive approach to moving or extracting gases (e.g., air or smoke) and light materials. This is why our airflow amplifiers are used for ventilation, cooling, drying, cleaning, heat distribution, extraction and ventilation.

Frugal compressed air consumption: using the Coanda effect means that very little compressed air is required to carry a high volume of ambient air. The air volume amplification is up to 25 times the compressed air infeed depending on the model! The result is a very large volume of air at high speed at the nozzle outlet.

Our airflow amplifiers have a patented design with a special spacer film (shim) which fixes the air gap optimally. We offer a separate spacer film set if you want increase the air gap. The symmetrical output airflow massively reduces the shear wind so that the resulting noise level is typically three times quieter than other airflow amplifiers.