Mobile processing of compressed air and technical breathing air

KSI filter technology has mastered the two central challenges to mobile breathing air systems at KSI ECOCLEAN® MAK. Breathing air is not only provided in the required purity, but also exactly where the user needs it. Even hard-to-reach working environments with adverse conditions are made accessible, and the user is safely supplied with breathing air. Typical applications include tank cleaning, painting, sandblasting, powder coating and construction sites.

For many jobs, high-quality compressed air treatment is absolutely essential, since air drawn in and compressed via the compressor is always contaminated, for example by oil components from the compressor as well as by condensate and dust particles.

The KSI ECOCLEAN® MAK is the mobile solution for filtering particles, oil components and condensate. Without an additional power supply, the system supplies two colleagues with pure breathing air.

KSI Ecoclean® MAK – Lightweight with three-stage breathing air treatment

With its dimensions of 40 × 6.48 × 1.86 cm, the MAK63 is only slightly larger than hand luggage for air travel, and with a weight of 5.5 kg it is also easy to carry despite its sturdy construction. Just as important as the compact exterior are the high-quality components of the Mobile Breathing Air System installed inside: The core of the system is the three-stage conditioning unit, consisting of an MFO, an SMA and a CA filter.

It separates water components and particles of 1 micron, 0.01 micron and in the CA filter element also oil aerosols down to a residual oil content of < 0.003 mg/m³. Further advantages: Due to the clever arrangement of the APF filter elements in the filter bell of the housing, they can be replaced easily and economically.

KSI Ecoclean® MAK Mobiles Atemluftsystem

Scope of supply:

Ready-to-operate filter combination MAK63 consisting of:

1st stage APF63MFO with automatic steam trap D150

2nd stage APF63SMA with automatic steam trap D150

3rd stage APF63 CA with manual condensate drain HAM12

  • Pressure gauge for the display of the operating pressure
  • Pressure regulator
  • Condensate collection tank
  • 2 acceptance connections with safety coupling
  • 2 connections for external oil-water separators