To ensure the highest quality of compressed air, a water separator should be installed before using a compressed air filter. This separates condensate by using a simple physical principle. In addition to the higher quality of compressed air, the use of a water separator ensures the service life of the filter element installed in the filter.

Water Separator Features

  • Power levels up to 8400 m³/h
  • Cyclone separators, which reliably separate condensate by centrifugal action
  • Connections: ¼” to 3″ with threaded connection
  • Connections: DN80 to DN150 with flange connection
  • Capacity stages 35 m³/h – 1900 m³/h with threaded connection
  • Capacity stages 1400 m³/h – 8400 m³/h with flanged connection
  • higher capacities available on request
KSI Ecoclean® Wasserabscheider

Scope of supply:

KSI Ecoclean® water separator

D150 Automatic condensate drain for APF23 – APF 133

D200 Automatic condensate drain for APF163 – APF 193