The Super Air Amplifier has the highest boost ratio (up to 25 times the compressed air input!) and up to 40% lower air consumption than the adjustable airflow amplifier. This makes the model the most efficient of our venturi nozzles. Thanks to the patented design, the air outlet gap can be varied using a spacer film to control the airflow. We offer shims of various thicknesses on request. The two integrated flanges allow for easy fastening of the Super Air Amplifier (exception: Model 120028, 8″)
Material: Aluminium (temperature resistant up to 135 °C)

The controllable Air Amplifier has an infinitely adjustable air gap – this means that you can control the air consumption and the output flow from a “breeze” to a “jet”.
Material: Aluminium (temperature resistant up to 135 °C) or stainless steel (temperature resistant up to 204 °C)

We also offer high-temperature models on request!