High pressure filters for particle filtration. Extensive filter program with up to 500 bar maximum working pressure for use in the high-pressure range.
KSI Ecoclean® high pressure filter with 50 bar ⋅ 250 bar ⋅ 350 bar ⋅ 450 bar ⋅ 500 bar.

For particle filtration:
Prefilter VF25: 25 micron

Fine filter FF5: 5 micron

Microfilter MFO: 1 micron

MF1: 0,1 micron

Submicrofilter SMA: 0,01 micron

CA Activated carbon

Also available as water separator

KSI Ecoclean® Hochdruckfilter

Scope of supply:

KSI Ecoclean® filter housing including filter element

Ball valve – high pressure