We offer robust special tools for numerous applications. Our air-driven precision tools are suitable for intensive work and are characterized by their professional user-friendliness. You will find the following high-quality special tools on this page:

  • Riveting machine with suction device
  • Punching and finishing tool
  • Cartridge pistol
  • Lubrication gun
  • Cleaning tool with grinding disc
  • Compressed air brushing machine
  • Windshield knife
  • Engraving needles
  • Engraving pen
  • Slag hammers

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Hydraulisch-pneumatische Nietmaschine mit Absaugvorrichtung TAR 481220

Hydraulic-pneumatic riveting machine with suction device

Model: TAR 481220

Industrial riveting machine for setting aluminium, steel and stainless steel rivets. Riveting capacity 1219 kg for rivets from 2.4 – 4.8 mm. Suitable for setting rows of rivets.


  • Automatic air release valve for quick piston return
  • Holding of the rivet piece in the device by generating a vacuum
  • Automatic landing of the rivet mandrels in the collection container
  • Rotatable air supply coupling
  • Coated handle for better grip
Stanz- und Schlichtwerkzeug TPF 5

Punching and finishing tool

Model: TPF 5

Special tool for car body and sheet metal processing. The punching and finishing tool is used for preparing the sheet metal before setting the welding spots and for the assembly and forming of body parts and aluminium sheet. Punch diameter 5 mm.


  • Dual function: finishing and punching Holding the rivet in the fixture by creating a vacuum
  • Ergonomic rubber handle
Kartuschenpistole TCG CB400

Cartridge pistol

Model: TCG CB400

Versatile refillable cartridge gun for clean, precise work. Can be used, for example, for bodywork and installation work (sealing, putty, etc.) or on construction sites.


  • Adjustable tool depending on the desired work
  • The cartridge gun can be used with adhesive, gel, putty and silicone in a foil bag (310-410 ml) or with a standard cartridge (310 ml)
  • Adjustment of the air pressure via the adjusting ring is possible (depending on the density of the product to be processed)
  • Regulation of the product feed via the nozzle needle
  • Rubber-coated handle for better grip
Schmierpistole TCG GR400

Grease gun

Model: TCG GR400

Professional lubrication gun for cartridge, bag or direct filling. Suitable for lubricating mechanical joints, machine tools, agricultural machinery, etc., capacity 400 cc.


  • Gun with rigid tube
  • Use with cartridge, bag or direct filling via a lubricant tank
  • Coated handle acts as cold protection
  • Progressive pusher for even distribution of lubricant – continuous or pointwise
  • Steel tanks
Reinigungswerkzeug TDG P04000

Cleaning tool with eraser

Model: TDG P04000

Cleaning tool with grinding disc 4000 rpm. Suitable for cleaning dirty surfaces, removing adhesive labels and glue residues.


  • Ergonomic composite design for cold insulation and vibration protection
  • Light tool, compact and handy
  • Adjustment of the speed via adjusting screw on the controller
  • Progressive pusher to control the air supply
  • Locking system for the lever handle
Druckluft-Bürstmaschine TMB 3500

Compressed air brushing machine

Model: TMB 3500

Handy compressed air brushing machine for brushing and grinding, application depending on the surface and material to be treated. Weight 1 kg.


  • Removal and cleaning of sheet metal contaminations (rust, paint, grit)
  • Removing adhesive labels (with the eraser)
  • Rotatable air supply coupling

The air brushing machine TMB 3500 can also be delivered as a set of cases with extensive accessories (see Technical details).

Weiteres Zubehör zur Druckluft-Bürstmaschine TMB 3500:

  • Schleifbürste für Bürstmaschine
  • Reinigungsschleifbürste für Bürstmaschine
  • Radierer für Bürstmaschine
  • Adapterset für Bürstmaschinen-Zubehör

Further accessories for the air brushing machine TMB 3500:

  • Grinding brush for brushing machine
  • Cleaning abrasive brush for brushing machine
  • Eraser for brushing machine
  • Adapter set for brushing machine accessories
Druckluft Nadelentroster Prevost TSP 0333700

Pneumatic nailer in pistol form

Model: TSP 0333700

Pneumatic nailer for removing and derusting paint and other coatings. Suitable for long working hours due to the ergonomic handle. Comes with 19 needles in diameter 3 mm.

Field of application: Derusting and removal of coatings by tapping, weld seam removal, also suitable for stone and wood aging work.

Windschutzscheibenmesser TWK 20000

Glazing tool

Model: TWK 20000

Special tool for cutting out windscreen seals and other glued panes. Serrated blades in numerous sizes are available as accessories.


  • Ergonomic composite design for cold insulation and vibration protection
  • Light tool, compact and handy
  • Adjustment of the speed via adjusting screw on the controller
  • Progressive pusher to control the air supply
  • Locking system for the lever handle
  • Adjusting the vibration frequency of the blades
  • Drain jacket for noise reduction, optional
Graviernadel TES 34000

Engraving needle

Model: TES 34000

Engraving tool with carbide needle for marking and labelling all metal objects.


  • Control and regulation of the air supply by turning the adjusting ring
Gravierstift mit Drehventil

Engraving pen with rotary valve

Model: MDGST540

Engraving pens are used for writing and engraving on hardened steel, metal, glass, plastic, ceramic and stone. Other models are available upon request.

  • Easy needle change
  • Needle hardness 58 HRC
  • With rotary valve
  • Engraving pen including hose unit
  • Extremely low vibration level below 2.5 / s2
  • Supplied accessories: needle, medium
Description Specification at 6.3 bar operating pressure
Frequency 540 Hz
Vibration 2
Noise level 65 dB(A)
Air consumption 0.9 l/s
Weight without hose 0.15 kg
Diameter 17.00 mm
Length 162.0 mm
Supply air hose 2.5 m
Connection thread Plug nipple

Technical changes reserved.

Description Specification
Needle fine for model MDGST540
Needle rough for model MDGST540
Medium needle for model MDGST540

Slag hammer made in Germany

Model: MDSHV150

Slag hammers are mainly used to remove welding varnish, paint and for concrete plastering.
Further models are available on request

  • Low vibration level
  • Patented vibration system
  • Low noise level
  • On request also with blow function
  • Included accessories: Key
Description Specification at 6.3 bar operating pressure
Activation Lever start
Stroke rate min. 9000 min-1
Frequency 150 Hz
Exhaust air back
Vibration 2.0 m/s2
Noise level 76 dB(A)
Air consumption 1.5 l/s
Diameter 40.00 mm
Length 210.0 mm
Weight 1.45 kg
Tube I.W. 6.0 mm
Connection thread G 1/4″i

Technical changes reserved.

The following accessories are also available from us. Together with the slag hammer, we are happy to offer you:

Flat chisel, Carbide tipped, 100 x 36 mm
Flat chisel, Carbide tipped, 100 x 17 mm
Flat chisel, Carbide tipped, 100 x 10 mm

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