Circum – a new type of rehabilitation system for trenchless sewer rehabilitation. The innovative feature: damaged areas are effectively and permanently sealed from the inside, without any earthworks. The high-quality and corrosion-free stainless steel rehabilitation sleeve can be installed quickly and easily within minutes. The system is suitable for small to large diameters: different diameters and sealing methods are available for each application.

The inner sleeve adapts perfectly to the contour of the inner pipe wall and thus permanently seals the damaged area. The patented external seal of the rehabilitation sleeve prevents any debris flowing past it from sticking to it. Free from environmentally harmful lubricants!

Circum Features:

  • Permanent sealing according to a purely mechanical principle
  • Packer-friendly thanks to external lock
  • Minimal cross-section reduction in the duct and no protruding obstacles
  • High-quality stainless steel sleeve (DIBt-approved) without corrosion
  • Quick installation saves working time
  • Installation without environmentally harmful lubricants
  • Effective and sustainable renovation without earthworks
  • Completely assembled and ready for installation

Rehabilitation Sleeves For Every Application:

Circum-MINI Innensanierungsmanschette mit DIBt-Zulassung

Circum MINI Internal Rehabilitation Sleeve With DIBt Certification – For Small To Medium Diameters

The Circum MINI internal rehabilitation sleeve is a particularly effective way of rehabilitating cracks and pipe connections easily and cost-effectively without earthworks. The method used is based on the principle of compression sealing. The stainless steel sleeve is positioned at the damaged area with the help of a rehabilitation packer and then pressed against the pipe wall until a sealing effect occurs. The area between the sealing nubs is thereby completely and permanently sealed.

Due to the design with patented external closure, there are no protruding obstacles inside the rehabilitation sleeve where debris flowing past could get stuck. The sleeve is designed for an internal pressure of up to 16 bar and is available from EPUTEC in pipe diameters from DN 150 – DN 800.

The system has been tested by the IKT for high-pressure flushing resistance and watertightness at external pressure.

Sealing of longitudinal and radial cracks, leaky pipe connections, missing wall sections, closing of unused laterals, part formation , replacing missing formwork behind inliners.

Circum-LEM Linerendmanschette mit DIBt-Zulassung

Circum LEM Liner End Sleeve With DIBt Certification

The Circum-LEM liner end sleeve with external closure was developed to seal liners and pipes effectively and sustainably and to prevent water from running behind them. The method used is based on the principle of compression sealing. Due to the patented, external closure of the liner end sleeve, there are no protruding obstacles inside the sleeve that could damage the sleeve during cleaning work, and no debris can get stuck.

The mechanically insertable liner end sleeve made of stainless steel is available in pipe diameters from DN 150 – DN 400 and reliably seals pipes, liners, manholes and structures. Supplied fully assembled and ready for installation. Free of environmentally harmful lubricants.

Connecting and sealing liner ends on pipes and structures, protecting vulnerable liner ends.

ASCOPA Sanierungsschlauch zur Abdichtung von Muffenspalten

ASCOPA Rehabilitation Hose

Ascopa rehabilitation hose for large and small diameters, ideal for the effective rehabilitation of leaking pipe joints in the socket area. Sealing of socket gaps in accessible sewers and tapered socket gaps from 20 mm to 50 mm socket gap width, with an installation depth of at least 50 mm.

The ASCOPA rehabilitation hose works as an inflatable seal. The hose is easy and quick to install, it can be checked at any time and repressurised if necessary.

Available nominal diameters: DN 800 – DN 3000.

Sealing joint gaps in accessible pipes and conical joint gaps with widths between 20mm and 50mm, min. installation depth 50mm.

ASCOPA Rehabilitation hose:

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Accessory products:

Versetzpacker inkl. Radsatz DN 150 - DN 800

Obduramus Back-Cutting Set For Inliner Rehabilitation

The backcut case from Obduramus supports the professional installation of the “LEM” sleeve. A long-neck grinder and an angle grinder each allow precise, millimeter-accurate cutting of inliners up to 15 mm thick. The included water nebulizer binds the dust generated during pruning. Spacer discs of different sizes protect the old pipe from damage.

Cutting back the inliner in preparation for the clean installation of the obduramus liner end sleeves (LEM)

Versetzpacker inkl. Radsatz DN 150 - DN 800

Transfer Packer With Wheel Set For Circum Systems DN 150 – DN 800

The Obduramus transfer packers ensure a simple, quick and professional installation of the Circum MINI interior renovation sleeves. Due to the uniform expansion over the entire length, made possible by the special design of the packers, the sleeves are already completely pressed on when pressure is first applied. It is not necessary to move the packer under the locks. Wheel sets do not have to be removed for small nominal diameters.

Simple, fast and professional installation of the Circum-MINI renovation sleeves.

Coupling Rod For Transfer Packers

Coupling rod for transfer packers for Circum-Mini.

Laser Accessories For Transfer Packers

Laser accessories for Circum-Mini transfer packers.

Universal Camera Connector

Universal camera connector incl. quick coupling and quick exhaust valve.