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Climbolino®E milling robot for sewer rehabilitation.

This house connection robot was specially designed for the current conditions in sewer rehabilitation. The Climbolino®E is equipped with a powerful electric milling spindle. Added to this is extreme arc mobility and the ability to work with the machine in several dimensions. All this makes the milling robot a real revolution in the field of pipe rehabilitation.

The Climbolino®E includes a high-performance membrane dryer, an automated condensate separator, a 12″ LED display as a big control unit, three different high-tech PCD milling tools, a 30 m hose package, an integrated tool set and two replaceable batteries. In its handy, ergonomic and compact design, the milling robot offers you the necessary equipment to rehabilitate pipes in the range from Ø 60 mm up to Ø 300 mm. The razor-sharp image of the 12″ LED display ensures relaxed working, even in daylight. Thanks to the 12 LED lights with adjustable luminosity, the ideal illumination is achieved for every pipe diameter. One-handed operation is possible thanks to the joystick, as is proportional control.

The compact design of the unit forms a strong unit. The integrated high-performance membrane dryer has three pre-filter stages: coarse, medium and fine. There is further a visual marker for the wear limit and there is an automatic condensate trap. All components come from a premium manufacturer.

Ergonomic handles, large air-filled wheels and a space-saving design ensure easy handling of the milling robot with a total weight of 56 kg. This can also be divided into 3 parts by means of quick-release fasteners.

The milling attachments are suitable for every field of application, as they have been specially designed for each material: These are high-tech milling tools made of PCD, milling tools with carbide granules, proven diamond tools, High Speed Steel (HSS) tools as well as wire and grinding tools.

The Climbolino®E is powered by two interchangeable 56 V batteries. The replaceable batteries thus ensure long-term operation. The battery capacity is 12 Ah / 216 Wh, which corresponds to a battery runtime of up to two hours. These batteries do not self-discharge and have no memory effect.

On top of the milling robot, you will find an integrated tool box in industrial quality for storing your branded tools. This means that your tools are always ready to hand at the place of use and are well protected by their installation in the system. You also have space for up to three milling tools there. The foam insert inside the tool box is easily removable and washable.

The Climbolino®E is made of special stainless steel.


  • dimensions: 31 cm x 51 cm x 105 cm (L x B x H)
  • suitable for diameter DN 60 up to DN 300
  • powerful performance due to the electric milling spindle with max. 1 kw
  • quiet device
  • ISO guard against moisture
  • two strong, exchangeable batteries: 56 V each
  • relaxed working, even in daylight, due to 12″ large LED display
  • including 30 m hose, extendable on request
  • individuality of the camera through adjustable viewing angles as well as stepless controllability of the speed
  • hose container compact and hygienic
  • compact and elegant design
  • energy saving up to 90% compared to other, conventional milling robots