Lateral Packer

Straight drill Ø 16 – 32 mm in lengths from 110 – 220 mm

Straight drills are generally used as the first pipe cleaning tool when the cause of the blockage is not yet clear. The straight drill is also used as a drilling tool in textile and cellulose blockages to achieve water flow in the event of total blockage. Internal incrustations must be removed with the appropriate special tool. Versions: Ø 16, 22 and 32 mm.

Straight drill: Technical details


Club drill 16 – 32 mm, Ø 28 – 50 mm

Flexible club drill for light blockages in lengths from 115 – 220 mm. The formed club facilitates penetration, especially in narrow pipe bends.

Club drill: Technical details

Hausanschluss Packer mit Bürsten

Joint club drill Ø 16 – 22 mm

Short articulated club drill – pipe cleaning tool for narrow and very narrow pipe bends. Available in different versions with Ø 16 – 22 mm and in lengths from 83 – 125 mm.

Joint club drill: Technical details

Lateral Packer zur Kanalsanierung / Reparatur von Hausleitungen

Funnel drill 16 – 32 mm, Ø 32 – 60 mm

Funnel drills for textile and cellulose blockages. Due to its funnel-like design, this pipe cleaning tool has a large detection range and can also be used for larger pipe diameters. It can also be used as a retrieval tool for spirals remaining in the pipe. Different versions available.

Funnel drill: Technical details

Bogenpacker zur Sanierung in Rohrbögen

Retaining drill 16 – 32 mm

Return drill for spirals. Has a flared catch arm to grip the spiral. Drill available in 16, 22 and 32 mm versions with Ø 34 – 65 mm.

Retaining drill: Technical details


Sheet drill 16 – 32 mm for reaming added tubes

Leaf drills are used for drilling greasy or heavily silted and clogged pipes. The drill blades are made of hardened spring steel and are riveted to the couplings for safety. Available with couplings 16, 22 or 32 mm and various blade diameters. For working ranges from 38 to 200 mm.

Sheet drill: Technical details

Schiebestange blau

Root cutter 22 – 32 mm, Ø 65 – 150 mm

Root cutter with hardened cutting heads made of quality steel, for 22 or 32 mm spirals, various hollow core bits from 65 – 150 mm . The cutting heads are toothed from the front and the back and are especially used in rooted pipes.

Root cutter: Technical details

Hedgehog cutter 22 – 32 mm for straight down pipes

The hedgehog cutter has six laser-cut, strong cutter blades with serrations in both directions. Hedgehog cutters are designed for straight down pipes. Available with 22 or 32 coupling in cutter head designs from 55 to 145 mm diameter.

Hedgehog cutter: Technical details

Universal cross-blade drill 16 – 32 mm for textiles, mud deposits, crusts

Cross-blade drill 16 – 32 mm for textile, mud deposits or pipe incrustations. Universal pipe cleaning tool with hardened cross blades made of high-strength spring steel, each riveted to the coupling. Blade diameter from 25 – 115 mm, working range 38 – 250 mm.

Universal cross-blade drill: Technical details

Spherical head cutter 16 – 32 mm

Ball end mill 16 – 32 mm for pipes with hard incrustations such as lime or urine stone. There is a choice of cutter head diameters of 25 – 115 mm and 4, 6 or 8 blades. Pipe cleaning tool with a bendability of up to 90°.

Ball nose cutter: Technical details

Expansion cutting head for hard deposits Ø 22 – 32 mm

Expansion cutting head made of hardened, ground spring steel for removing hard deposits from pipe walls. Versions from Ø 22 – 32 mm, with 100 – 250 mm blade. Expansion cutting head are particularly suitable for scraping, cutting and peeling of deposits and incrustations in pipes due to their optimal adaptation to the pipe walls.

Expansion cutting head: Technical details

U-Cutter, 16 – 32 mm

Fork heads for spirals from 16 – 32 mm. The forked die head for 16 mm spirals with hardened spring steel blades is ideally used when drain pipes from 50 mm upwards have to be freed from light to thick sludge or tough grease. For 22 and 32 mm spirals, we supply fork cutting heads with hardened cutting heads made of high-quality steel. The heads are serrated on both sides and are used especially in rooted pipes. Fork riveted or screwed, depending on the model.

Cutter head for spirals: Technical details

Chain slingshot 16 – 32 mm without ring

Chain slingshot 16 – 32 mm without ring. The chain centrifuge head is one of the most important pipe cleaning tools and is especially required for the final cleaning of the pipes. Due to their surface-protecting properties they are also used for the final cleaning of cast iron and plastic pipes. Chain centrifuges are particularly suitable for small to medium pipe diameters and drop sections. Available in different versions, with 2 to 4 smooth or cam chains, working range up to 50 – 200 mm.

Chain slingshot: Technical details

Replacement chains for chain spinner 16 – 32 mm

EReplacement chains for chain spinner 16, 22 or 32 mm. For welding on and repairing welded chain slings or for replacement in chain slings with ring. Matching plain or cam chains optionally with 150 or 240 mm length.

Replacement chains for chain spinner: Technical details

Carbide tool for hardest incrustations, 16 – 32 mm

Carbide tools 16 – 32 mm for hardest incrustations, concrete deposits and similar. The drill bit is filled with tungsten carbide particles during production and then hardened. This makes the tool break and impact resistant and gives it a very high stability. Different versions with up to 125 mm diameter.

Carbide tool: Technical details

Vacuum pump with short and long sleeve in a set

The vacuum pump is a manual cleaning device for small and medium sized pipe cleaning applications. Suitable for cleaning washbasins, kitchen downpipes, showers, bathtubs and at the WC. The vacuum pump is particularly easy and comfortable to operate thanks to the ergonomic handle.

Vacuum pump set: Technical details

Telescopic cleaning shaft

Telescopic cleaning system for two working lengths. The telescopic system allows doubling the working length up to 180 cm.