Cabinet Cooler® – NEMA 4X (IP66)

Cabinet Cooler constructed of stainless steel for food service!

The vortex tube in the EXAIR Cabinet Coolers are constructed of stainless steel. The wear, corrosion and oxidation resistance of stainless steel assures long life and maintenance free operation.

Cabinet Coolers maintain NEMA 4 are dust-tight, splash resistant and for indoor/outdoor service. NEMA 4 Cabinet Coolers incorporate a low pressure relief valve for both the vortex tube and the Cabinet Cooler exhaust. The valve closes and seals when the Cabinet Cooler ist not operating to maintain the NEMA 4 integrity of the NEMA 4 enclosure.

Why Exair Cabinet Coolers?

Selecting the right Cabinet Cooler. Please use our Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide

Here Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide – Select the right Cabinet Cooler
To determine the correct model for your application, it is necessary to determine your requirement.

EXAIR Cabinet Coolers are available with or without thermostat control. The continuous coolers (Model series 4200 and 4700) are recommended when constant cooling and a constant positive purge are desirable. When internal temperatures approach critical levels a thermostatically controlled systems (Model series 4300 and 4800) is ideal. A thermostatically system saves air by activating the cooler only when the internal temperature is critical.

All Exair Cabinet Cooler Systems contain a 5 micron Automatic Drain Filter for the compressed air supply and a Cold Air Distribution Kit to circulate the cold air throughout the enclosure.

Cabinet Cooler Selecting Guide

How The Cabinet Cooler Works

Compressed air enters the vortex tube powered Cabinet Cooler and is converted into two streams, one hot and one cold. (For more information on vortex tube operation, see Vortex Tubes. Hot air from the vortex tube is muffled and exhausted through the vortex tube exhaust. The cold air is discharged into the control cabinet through the cold air distribution kit. The displaced hot air in the cabinet rises and exhausts to atmosphere through the cabinet air exhaust at a slight positive pressure. Thus, the control cabinet is both cooled and purged with cool, clean air. Outside air is never allowed to enter the control panel.

Cabinet Cooler Function

More product informations

Please click here for Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide
  • Programmable controllers
  • Line control cabinets
  • Motor control centers
  • Relay panels
  • NC/CNC systems
  • Modular control centers
  • CCTV cameras
  • Computer cabinets
  • Cool laser housings
  • Electronics scales
  • Low Cost
  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • Install in minutes
  • Maintain NEMA 4X integrity (IP66)
  • Stabilize enclosure temperature and humidity
  • No CFC’s
  • No moving parts – maintenance free
  • Mount in standard electrical knockout
  • Stop nuisance tripping
  • Stop heat damage
  • Eliminate fans and filters
  • Eliminate lost production
  • Stop circuit drift
  • Stop dirt contamination
  • Provide washdown protection
Cabinet Cooler Illustration

Heat can stop your machines

It happens when you least expect it. High temperatures can cook the electronics that control your machines, resulting in erroneous readings, trip-outs or fried circuit boards. Cooling the electrical cabinet can eliminate these problems, but how will you do it?

Hitze kann Ihre Maschinen zum Stillstand bringen. Es besteht eine hohe Schockgefahr, wenn die Schalttafeltür geöffnet wird und ein Ventilator heiße, schmutzige Fabrikluft auf die Elektronik bläst.

Es besteht eine hohe Schockgefahr, wenn die Schalttafeltür geöffnet wird und ein Ventilator heiße, schmutzige Fabrikluft auf die Elektronik bläst.

Heat Exchangers and Heat Pipes

These have serious limitations when it comes to summer time heat. In many cases, the temperature of the hot plant on a summer day is close to that inside the enclosure. There is not enough difference in temperature for a decent heat exchange.

Wärmetauscher und Wärmerohre

Refrigerant Panel Air Conditioners

These coolers are expensive, take almost a day to install, and are prone to failure when dust and dirt clogs the filter. Vibration from machinery contributes to component failures and loss of freon. Life expectancy for most compressors is rated at 2.5 years of continuous operation. Average replacement cost for a bad compressor is $750 plus installation. Often, a floor drain is not readily available for the condensation tube.

Klimaanlagen mit Kühlmitteleinheit

EXAIR Cabinet Cooler

Our compressed air operated Cabinet Coolers are the low cost solution. NEMA 12, 4 and 4X models are available that are very compact and mount in just minutes through an ordinary electrical knockout. Thermostat control limits compressed air use by operating the Cabinet Cooler only when the temperature inside the enclosure reaches critical levels.

Heat exchangers, heat pipes and refrigerant coolers all have filters that can clog. Left unattended, mechanical failure of the cooler is likely. And, the expensive equipment in the electrical enclosure can malfunction, overheat and shut down the entire machine or process. EXAIR Cabinet Coolers have no moving parts to wear out and do not require constant monitoring. All models are UL Listed and available in a large number of styles and cooling capacities.

druckluftbetriebenen Schaltschrankkühler
BSP-Thread available – Please contact us.
NEMA 4X IP66 (Stainless Steel)
Model (HT=High temperature of 52°C to 93°C) Consumption l/min. Cooling Watt Capacity Btu/hr. Capacity Kcal/h Inlet Sound level dBA Dimensions mm Electrical knockout
4608SS 227 162 550 139 1/8″ NPT 67* 131 x 30 33 mm
4615SS / HT4615SS 425 293 1000 252 1/4″ NPT 73 203 x 34 49 mm
4625SS / HT4625SS 708 497 1700 428 1/4″ NPT 80 203 x 34 49 mm
4630SS / HT4630SS 850 586 2000 504 1/4″ NPT 80 203 x 34 49 mm
4640SS / HT4640SS 1133 821 2800 706 1/4″ NPT 82 203 x 34 49 mm
Cooling capacity 6,9 bar supply pressure
*With optional cold muffler installed
Temperature control: No
Click on picture to enlarge.

Model NEMA 4/4X small = Modell 4608 + 4608SS

Model NEMA 4/4X small = Modell 4608 + 4608SS

Model NEMA 4/4X large (except Model 4608 + 4608SS)

Model NEMA 4/4X large
Get more information.

Elektronic Temperature Control

The digital Electronic Temperature Control (ETC) provides precise temperature control for your electrical enclosure. It can accureately maintain a constant temperature that is slightly under the maximum rating of the electornics, permitting just enough cooling for the electronics without going so cold as to waste compressed air. The LED readout of the ETC displays the internal temperature of the electrical enclosure (°C or °F) that is constantly being monitored by a quick response thermocouple. The control activates the solenoid valce (included) when the temperature setting is exceeded. The polycarbonate plastic enclosure of the ETC is suitable for NEMA 12, 4 and 4X environments.

Model Description
9239 ETC, 240V, 50/60Hz, 1/4″ NPT
9259 ETC, 240V, 50/60Hz, 1/2″ NPT

Side Mount Kits

EXAIR´s Side Mount Kits make mounting on the side of an electrical enclosure possible when there is limited space on the top or side. The Side Mount Kits maintain the NEMA rating of large and small NEMA Type 4X. They mount in a standard electrical knockout (1-1/2″ NPS). Side Mount Kits for NEMA 4X Cabinet Cooler Systems have an stainless steel construction.

Side Mount Cabinet Cooler

Side Mount Kits

Side Mount Kits for Cabinet Coolers
Model Description
4906 Side Mount Kit for NEMA 4/4X small
4907 Side Mount Kit for NEMA 4/4X large


Model Description
4906 90° Side Mount Kit NEMA 4/4X, small
4907 90° Side Mount Kit, NEMA 4/4X, large
4908 Hardware for Dual Cabinet Cooler
4902 Cold Muffler
4904 Cold Air Distribution Kit large
4905 Cold Air Distribution Kit small
9017 Thermostat
ZI-EP4024 3/2 Solenoid Valve 24 V GS with Temperature control, 1/4″, flow rate 1300 l/min
ZI-EP4220_G1/4 3/2 Solenoid Valve 220…240 V with Thermostat control, 1/4″, flow rate 1300 l/min at 2-8 bar
ZI-EP4220_G3/8 3/2 Solenoid Valve 220 V with Thermostat control, 3/8″, flow rate 2600 l/min at 2-8 bar
ZI-EP4220_G1/2 3/2 Solenoid Valve 220 V with Thermostat control, 1/2″, flow rate 4200 l/min at 2-8 bar
xxxx For Filters and Maintenance units please contact us.

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