Infrared radiators for outdoor use. These models are always used when you need selective heat in outdoor areas. Typical application: Balconies, terraces, outdoor areas for gastronomy, gardens, outdoor seating areas, etc.

Relax Dark IRA IP65

Relax Glass IRA IP65 infrared glass heater with short wave up to 2200 watt


  • In outdoor areas, in private, commercial, public or industrial environments.
  • Infrared short wave has a higher penetration depth and therefore provides more intense and faster heat than medium wave heaters, especially in outdoor areas.


  • 4 power levels 1.2 kW (short version) , 1.5 kW, 1.8 kW and 2.2 kW.
  • Available with ON/OFF switch, remote control and/or dimmer, depending on the model
  • Protection class: IP65 100% waterproof
  • up to 95% light reduction in the ambience
  • Housing material/colour: Corrosion-resistant, anodised aluminium / silver or black
  • Elegant glass front Material/colour: SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass ceramic / white or black
  • Mounting: Wall/ceiling mounting with integrated mounting brackets (wall: 0°/15°/30°/45°). Mounting only horizontally!
    Exception: 2200 Watt models only wall mounting
  • Connection: 230Volt power connection. Inert fuse C16A necessary from 1800W!

Relax Dark IRA IP65 (1200W): Versions and Technical details
Relax Dark IRA IP65 (1500-1800-2200W): Versions and Technical details

Industrie-Infrarotstrahler IR bis 6000 Watt

Industrial infrared heaters IR up to 6000 watt


  • Full and supplementary heating in rooms with large volumes and high ceilings.
  • Protection against cold draughts at windows in office buildings, shops, restaurants, etc.
  • The infrared radiator can also be used outdoors, e.g. on sports grandstands or loading ramps to keep them dry and frost-free.


  • Reflectors made of shiny, anodised aluminium for optimum heat distribution.
  • Five different inclinations can be set with the mounting brackets
  • A connection strip allows several radiant heaters to be mounted in series or a controller to be connected
  • A protective grille is available as an accessory
  • Rustproof housing made of grey, aluzinc-coated steel panel
  • The manual switch for power levels S123 is recommended.
  • 3 levels 1000, 2000, 3000 watt

Heat at the place where it is located and different comfort zones can be set up by spot and surface heating. As the system has no moving parts, it is extremely quiet and causes no air movement. A hygienic indoor climate is thus achieved, as the distribution of dust, bacteria and odours is reduced. Operation and economy Infrared radiators are easy and flexible to install and require very little maintenance. They emit heat immediately, no preheating is necessary. Radiant heaters allow savings of up to 25% compared to convectors, especially in buildings with high ceilings that are not in permanent use.

Industrial infrared heaters IR: Versions and Technical details

Term 2000 IP67

Term 2000 IP67 Infrared Radiant Heater


  • The waterproof TERM 2000 IP67 (610x95x125 cm, 2000 Watt, 2,5 kg) is suitable for uncomplicated heating of outdoor and indoor areas.


The infrared radiant heater is perfect as a patio heater, for hanging under awnings or for integration into tent or umbrella systems. The rustproof aluminium housing with its high-quality infrared gold tube reliably delivers maximum heat output even in wet and snowy conditions.

The ULTRA LOW GLARE tubes used in the heaters have up to 80% less red light than conventional heaters and thus provide an eye-friendly ambience. The TERM2000 IP67 infrared radiant heater has a very long service life of up to 5000 hours. It can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or on a tripod.

CIR Infrarotstrahler

CIR infrared radiant heater up to 2000 watt


  • The CIR radiant heater is a powerful infrared heater for outdoor use. It is perfectly suited for heating terraces, balconies and outdoor restaurant areas, but can also be used efficiently in workshops and storage rooms.


Thanks to its small footprint and quiet operation, the CE-compliant infrared radiator unobtrusively provides instant heat in cold environments.

The CIR is corrosion resistant and therefore requires no weather protection. It is available in 2 versions with and without switch, the individual models have outputs between 500 and 2000 W. The infrared heater can also be used for targeted heating or as an additional heater.

  • Heat output: 500 – 2000 watt
  • Reflectors: made of highly polished aluminium with maximum corrosion resistance
  • Colour: white (RAL 9002), with grey plenum boxes made of heat- and weather-resistant polycarbonate.
  • Mounting: adjustable mounting brackets for easy wall or ceiling mounting
  • Safety: no risk of leakage currents/creeping currents that can cause the fuses to trip
  • Protection class: IP24, approved for installation in bathrooms and showers
  • Material: Housing made of white painted zinc-coated aluminium sheet. Protective grille made of stainless steel
  • Element temperature: maximum 750 °C

CIR infrared radiant heater: Versions and Technical details